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The structure allows individuals, small groups and even large organizations to set the pace of their learning. This is supported with evidence-based content that is differentiated and based on subscriber needs. These professional learning tools are ideal for creating a structure that cultivates a professional learning community.

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Multi-Tiered Systems to Support Positive Behavior

$295 per individual

Ever feel like you’re playing whack-a-mole, constantly putting out fires and reacting to the issues that continually pop up? If so, it’s time to hit the pause button and focus on building an effective and efficient system to house your evidence-based practices.

Supporting Social, Emotional and Behavioral Needs

$295 per individual

Social, emotional and behavior competencies are undeniably linked to students’ academic success. This course includes on-demand videos, covering topics such as the importance of relationships, digital citizenship and managing student behavior.

Facts About Trauma

$295 per individual

One out of every four students attending school has been exposed to a traumatic event that can directly affect their learning and their behavior. Knowing that a significant percentage of students have been or continue to be exposed to potentially traumatic experiences, it is our responsibility to increase our understanding of trauma and its far-reaching implications. RLC’s course – Facts About Trauma and Its Impact on Today’s Youth –provides clarity in defining trauma, its impact, and prevalence. This course is designed to foster reflection and encourage new mindsets about students and their experiences of trauma. 


University Graduate Credit


Take the next step in your educational journey to improve the social and emotional learning, behavior and academic outcomes of our students.

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Additional services are tailored specifically to you or your organization. They can include such services as:

  • online course with live instruction
  • virtual technical assistance and coaching
  • onsite course with live instruction
  • onsite technical assistance

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