Bert Eliason, EdD

Dr. Bert Eliason worked 18 years as a teacher and then served 15 years as a middle school principal.

For 13 years, he was actively involved in implementing PBIS and IPBS (Tier 2 and Tier 3 PBIS) at the middle level, and providing information about the use of SWIS and his school’s PBIS experiences with others at local, state, regional and national levels. 

Bert recently retired from the University of Oregon where he worked as a research assistant for the PBIS Applications Training Team where he provided training on the SWIS Suite (SWIS, CICO-SWIS, I-SWIS), PBIS Assessment and PBIS Evaluation. He’s a contributing author on articles, evaluation briefs and research summaries related to PBIS implementation, the use of PBIS Applications and racial disproportionality around school discipline.

He is a long-standing board member of the Northwest PBIS Network. Bert is a strong believer in proficiency-based education, equitable outcomes for students and staff, and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.